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"The Kaléo program gave me the foundation to build the rest of my life on. Between the great courses studying the Bible, the leaders encouraging and challenging you along the way, and the friends you gain, this program cannot be beat."

-Mitch Hogeveen



 "As we approach grad I can't help but be fired up for all the amazing potential that will be moving out of this program from just this year alone. This has been the most shaping and formative year of my entire life and I know many others have experienced the same growth. This program is set up to help you grow at a rate I wouldn't have ever thought possible. Looking back to where I was in life as a high-school grad is so humbling and spurs me on even more. Sorry for the long paragraph, but I can't help but share the amazing ways God has been effective in my life and the lives of others through the Kaléo program this year, the years previous, and many years to come."

-Levi Allen

"My son Brent is in the program and enjoying it so much. It brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes to see the beautiful things he's experienced already. What a special time of life that those in the program will never forget. The amazing friendships, the opportunity to be mentored by such true and passionate believers, the privilege of ministering to others, and being surrounded by such physical beauty are a combination that will have a powerful and eternal effect."

-Margot Bandy

"This year has been by far the best decision of my life! And I cannot imagine doing my first year of Christian College anywhere else. From the encouragement and the support that I was surrounded by along with the deepending of faith through academics, community and service... I could not have been more blessed".

- Lokadia Leeson

Kendra BalchWe enthusiastically support the Kaleo program offered through Qwanoes and Briercrest, after witnessing the wonderful growth and transformation in our daughter. The academics component has instilled in her a deeper love for the Word and the adventure outtrips greatly developed her confidence and leadership skills. We don't know anywhere else where community life and ministry opportunities would have helped her mature and heal in such a profound way. We would strongly encourage any parent to support their son or daughter to invest in this amazing foundational year of their life.
 - Gord and Cathy Balch