A leadership program of and

Unique Setting

Advantage Unique setting.jpgHow about having 55 acres of lush West Coast waterfront property as your classroom and home for the year? One of the advantages of taking the Kaléo program is the stunning location you will reside in for the year.

Camp Qwanoes is truly a unique setting for a unique program…not your typical classroom! Being in beautiful B.C. lends itself very well to all the outdoor adventures that happen in the program… from cold-water surfing, sailing, ski and snowboard trips, and caving to many other West Coast adventures you will be going on. It's all part of your leadership development.

advantage - unique setting.jpg

There is a retreating aspect to the program and the location of Qwanoes is perfect for this to take place. Qwanoes is a place where God works to change lives… an ideal set-apart place for discovering, living, and sharing life like no other. There is space to be alone to hear the voice of God free of the world's distractions, while being part of a community of believers to speak truth into your life.