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Program - Community.jpgThe Kaléo program differs from a typical campus since you won't be one student in amongst hundreds or thousands, but one student among 12 to 14 guys, and 12 to 14 girls. If you are looking for a small group community in which transformational growth happens, you have found it.

Community is often the context in which God has chosen to bring about spiritual growth in his people. Camp Qwanoes provides a unique opportunity for students to experience extraordinary growth and change in a small student community within a larger camp community. Students will experience a growing sense of identity and belonging, as well as a sense of responsibility, clearer understanding of leadership,and commitment to the good of others and the glory of God.

Program community.jpgPart of growing in community is being responsible for the place in which you live. We call this "Community Care." Throughout the year students will be called on to rotate in to do dishes, clean common areas, the vans we use and bathrooms, as well as other areas. This leads to a greater appreciation for the place in which you live, and growth in attitude towards service and in personal responsibility.