group photo

Week 30 - Closing Retreat

The last big out trip of our year was the Closing retreat. So on the Monday before Grad we loaded up our vans and headed up north of the Island to a familiar place, Mt. Washington. Our first stop on the way to our lodge was at Elk Falls.

Here there was a beautiful short little hike which lead us to a absolutely magnificent waterfall. The force of the rushing water was at the same time both frightening and beautiful. Across from the waterfall was a long suspension bridge and a metal walk way which lead to a look out of the waterfall. As the students crossed over from the stairs to the platform and across the bridge they were remembering all the different point in the year along the way. Remembering what God has done in all of their lives in this past year up to that point.

After this stop we went up to the lodge where we spent the rest of the next two days. Over these two days there was a lot of time spent just hanging out as a group, playing games and enjoying one another's company.



You can be praying for our students as it has been a little over a week and a half since they left camp. Pray for them as they begin to miss one another's close company and the encouragements they were to one another in the faith. Pray that in this new season that in whatever they are doing they would find their way and continue to stay in contact with one another and build each other up. Also pray that they would be able to build new communities wherever they are like the community they experienced out here. 
My son Brent is in the program and enjoying it so much. It brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes to see the beautiful things he's experienced already. What a special time of life that those in the program will never forget.
Margot Bandy