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Small Community

Kaleo Community

Because we enroll far fewer students in the Kaléo program than what you'd find on a typical college campus, you get to know the other students very well and form many lifelong friendships. There are often about 28 students in the Kaléo program every year. The small number of students helps to keep the class size small and close-knit. Throughout the year you study, serve, hang out, and go on adventures with these people. They support, challenge, teach, and pray for you. Together you help one another become the people God wants you to be.

Along with your fellow students you will be welcomed into and benefit from being part of a community of full-time Christian camp workers. Qwanoes is a community of 25-30 full-time staff and their families, interns, short-term staff - and hopefully you!

"I want to begin by saying thank you! This year has been one of the best decisions of my entire life and it would not have been the same if you guys did not allow God to use you and work in you. You each impacted my life in a significant way this year by showing me the love that I was worth and showing me the worth that God has for me. You helped me find the joy in my life that I was missing for so long and in that see how great that joy is and allow it to impact every area of my life. I love you all!"

- Lokadia Lesson, Kaléo program graduate