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Vibrant Student Life

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Another key benefit of taking the Kaléo program is that the whole schedule has been carefully and intentionally designed to enable the five components of the program to work seamlessly together, creating a dynamic student life.  

Daily Schedule

There is no typical schedule for the Kaléo program. Some weeks you are in class, while others you are on an outdoor adventure, on a missions trip, doing ministry in a church or at camp, or working on course assignments.

Each year of the Kaléo program is a little different, but you can click on this link for a look at a past year's schedule: http://www.kaleolife.ca/schedules/

Another excellent place to take a look inside what student life looks like at Qwanoes is by reading a past year's program blog: http://www.kaleo2013.blogspot.ca/

Chapels & Life Groups

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Chapels and men's and women's life groups happen weekly throughout the program. Chapels are a time to come together as a community to worship God and hear a message from one of the program leaders.The small group time provide a time to get together and pray for each other, to spur one another on, and to talk about specific issues regarding men and women.

Student Events

In addition to our bigger outdoor adventures, many student events happen throughout the year as we journey together. 

Here are some examples:

  • Movie or games night
  • Curling or wave pool
  • Town runs or a trip to Victoria
  • Staff and student events-such as a beach party and"Firesides" where students and staff get together in staff homes
  • Harvest from the sea - crabbing right off the Qwanoes dock
  • Guys and girls night
  • And much more!

Media Fast

Going on a media fast is a unique feature ofthe Kaléo program that is embraced by our incoming students. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is most conducive to building community, growing spiritually, and developing as leaders - a place that fosters growth with limited distraction…where students can more clearly hear God. Part of the Kaléo program involves giving up certain things for a season in order to gain the most possible from the eight months of foundational leadership training and spiritual growth. While challenging for some, we believe that in order to fully experience all that God has for you in the program and to truly flourish, limited media access is necessary. This is a big part of enhancing student life, and testimonials from past students indicate they are really glad it was part of their overall experience.  

During the application process you will find out more about how this all takes place.