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Note: Schedule subject to change. Adequate notice will be given whenever possible.

Here is what a year in the Kaléo program looks like (2016-17):

September 14 Arrival at Qwanoes! 1pm - 3pm. Briercrest representatives will be on-site, and fees may be paid this day if this hasn't already been done.
Throughout Program Ministry: A selection of full and partial weekends in camp ministry
Throughout Program Ministry: Local church ministry
Throughout Program Community: All in the context of a small group community, along with community care (taking responsibility for the place you live)
Throughout Program Leadership Development: Intertwined into all aspects of the program as well as intentional and focused leadership training times
September 19-21 Adventure: Strathcona Park - backpack trip
September 26-30 Academics: THEO 112 Introduction to Spiritual Theology
Professor: Cal Macfarlane
October 3-7 Adventure: Sailing on the 138' Pacific Grace with the SALTS Society
October 11-13 Academics: YM 220 Camp and Youth Ministries
Professor:  Sid Koop
October 17-23 Adventure: Wild Play
October 24-28 Academics: BLST 109 Introduction to the New Testament
Professor: Wes Olmstead
October 31-November 6 Adventure: Surf Trip
November 7-13 Ministry: Love Crofton
November 14-18 Academics: BLST 111 Introduction to the Old Testament
Professor: Don Taylor
November 21-27 Prayer and Leadership Week
November 28 - December 4 Adventure: Caving
December 5-9 Academics: CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry
Professor: David Ernst
December 15 - January 2 Christmas Break beginning on December 15 (papers due that day)
and arrive back on January 2 by dinner
January 3-7 Academics: THEO 115 Introduction to Christian Theology
Professor: Merrill Dyck
January 13 Course Work & CVYN
January 16-22 Mount Washington
January 26-29 Missions Fest Vancouver
January 30 - February 3 Academics: CM 105 Perspectives in Missions
Professor: Gord Nickerson
February 8-23 Ministry: Cross-Cultural Missions Trip
February 27-March 3 Academics: BLST 230 Pauline Epistles
Professor: Brian Westnedge
March 6-12 Adventure: Wave Pool & Crabbing
March 13-19 Adventure: French Beach
March 20-24 Academics: IDST 200 Interdisciplinary Studies: Modernity and Postmodernity
Professor: Grant Poettcker
April 3-9 Adventure: Rock Climbing & Kayaking
April 4 - 5 Academics: YM 220 Camp and Youth Ministries
Professor: Sid Koop
April 12-13 Kaléo Program Graduation - Parents Invited!