Best of both worlds

Not only does the Kaléo program take place in a beautiful part of Canada, it also takes place at Camp Qwanoes, where students can be immersed in a Christian camp atmosphere. While enjoying the setting of a well-known Christian camp on the West Coast, students can earn the same college credit they would earn on campus at Briercrest. Between the atmosphere of Camp Qwanoes and the high-quality academics of Briercrest, students get the best of both worlds with this unique partnership! Students will have the opportunity to grow as they live and learn in the heart of a dynamic front-line ministry to children and youth. They will also be able to put into practice what they are learning right away!

Unique setting

Camp Qwanoes is truly a unique setting for a unique program. Being in beautiful B.C. lends itself well to all the outdoor adventures that happen in the program—from ski and snowboard trips to coldwater surfing, sailing, and other west coast adventures, Kaléo is not your typical classroom.

Qwanoes is the perfect location for the retreating aspect of the program to take place. It is a set-apart place where God works to change lives, making it ideal for discovering, living, and sharing life like no other. This is a space to hear the voice of God free of the world's distractions while being part of a community of believers that will speak truth into your life.

Vibrant community life

Because the Kaléo program enrols far fewer students than a typical college campus, students get to know one another personally and form many lifelong friendships. There are 20-28 students in the Kaléo program every year, which keeps the classes small and close-knit. Throughout the year, students study, serve, hang out, and go on adventures together. They support, challenge, teach, and pray for one another. Together, they help one another become the people God wants them to be.

Along with the Kaléo group, students are welcomed into a community of full-time Christian camp workers. Qwanoes is a community of 25-30 full-time staff and their families, interns, short-term staff—and hopefully you!