This has been the most shaping and formative year of my entire life and I know many others have experienced the same growth. This program is set up to help you grow at a rate I wouldn't have ever thought possible. 
Levi Allen
  To take time away from distraction, focus on growing in ministry, community, leadership, academics—you experience God in a whole new way! This program helps you to be intentional with the rest of your life. 
Rachael Allen
  This is such a special place and a special experience, and God has changed me through it. I have grown spiritually and I think I have just become a lot more mature in how I think and how I act. 
Peyton Arnold Class of 2017
  We enthusiastically support this program after witnessing the growth and transformation in our daughter. The academics has instilled in her a deeper love for the Word and the adventure trips greatly developed her confidence and leadership skills. 
Gord and Cathy Balch
  My son Brent is in the program and enjoying it so much. It brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes to see the beautiful things he's experienced already. What a special time of life that those in the program will never forget. 
Margot Bandy
  I'm so grateful to God for this community, that loved, encourages, and supports each other! I can say that in the future, I will look back on this year as being one of the most foundational in my Christian walk. 
Jared Bayley Class of 2017
  I am BEYOND thankful for the friends that I have met here. They are truly my brothers and sisters in Christ and I can see God using them all in extraordinary ways. 
Tori Baynton Class of 2017
  I enjoyed this foundational year, gaining a new understanding of my faith and developing as a disciple, growing in leadership and being prepared to go out into the world to be a servant that is continually furthering the kingdom. 
Tori Baynton Class of 2017
  I have grown as a person in the fact that I am more independent and am more comfortable with moving on with my life then I previously was. I also have developed relationship with God where it now feels real and not just superficial. 
Jacob Clark Class of 2017
  I cherish the lifetime friendships I have and for everyone who has poured into my life. Honestly, nothing could ever buy the love, experiences, and opportunities I have been provided here. 
Virginia Flair Class of 2017
  The Kaléo program gave me the foundation to build the rest of my life on. Between the great courses studying the Bible, the leaders encouraging and challenging you along the way, and the friends you gain, this program cannot be beat. 
Mitch Hogeveen
  This year has been one of the best decisions of my entire life. You helped me find the joy that I was missing for so long and in that see how great that joy is and allow it to impact every area of my life. 
Lokadia Leeson Kaléo program graduate
  I am grateful for people being willing to speak out and into my life. God seriously did amazing things this year and I am beyond thankful. 
Sarah MacQurrie Class of 2017
  The Kaléo Program was a year for me to intentionally step back from the world adn focus on my relationship with God. This year gave me clarifty on what God's will is for my life. To live him and walk with him. 
Gen Smith Class of 2017
  I am so thankful for this community because they changed my life and really showed me that no matter the distance we are still family. 
Caleb Smith Class of 2017
  This has been the most shaping and formative year of my entire life. This program is designed to help you grow at a rate I wouldn't have ever thought possible.  
Levi Vanderkwaak Graduate
  I am grateful for the community that was grown here. It has been the biggest advocate of change for me this year. 
Greg WIld Class of 2017
  It was amazing, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 
Tyler Wills Class of 2017
  I am most thankful for the opportunity I have had to live with a group of people who are all growing in their relationship with God. I have become more deeply rooted in Christ, and am truly a more confident leader! 
Kala Wood Class of 2017
It was amazing, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Tyler Wills