Merrill Dyck, MA

Adjunct Instructor in Theology


Introduction to Christian Theology

  You have to understand theology well enough to explain it to a five year old.  

Teaching Philosophy

When I teach, I try to remember that my job is not only to teach theology, it's to teach students.


In addition to having served at Briercrest for 22 years in senior leadership roles, I have taught theology and hermeneutics primarily at the freshmen level. I love the classroom and enjoy the interaction with students. It’s been my privilege to teach in the Kaleo program every year since the program started.


MA Historical Theology, Briercrest Biblical Seminary
BA Briercrest Bible College


Early Church
The past year has opened doors for me to learn about more about my Creator; to step into the heart of God through hiking trips, kayaking trips and crabbing in the Pacific Ocean; and to live amongst my friends, giving and receiving vulnerability.
Zoe Gallan